Legislative Branch Legislative Branch

The Legislature branch of government is responsible for making laws of the Country. The main law-making body is the Parliament, which consists of two different chambers:

The National Assembly

Speaker: Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi

The National Assembly is established in terms of Article 44 of the Constitution as the highest law making body of Namibia. It consists of 72 elected and six appointed members who meet regularly to initiate and approve laws. Members of the National Assembly are elected every five years on a proportional representation system basis.


The National Council

Chairperson: Hon. Margret Mensah-Williams

The National Council on the other hand is established in terms of Article 68 of the Constitution. The National Council is the second house of Parliament and is made up of two elected representatives from all fourteen Regions of Namibia. They are twenty six (26) in total. The National Council shall have the power to:
consider in terms of Article 75 hereof all bills passes by the National Assembly; investigate and report to the National Assembly on any subordinate legislation, reports and documents which under law must be tabled in the National Assembly and which are referred to it by the National Assembly for advice; recommend legislation on matters of regional concern for submission to and consideration by the National Assembly; perform any other functions assigned to it by the National Assembly or by an Act of Parliament. The National Council is established from Regional Councils, whose elections are based on a first-past-the-post system (winner takes all) after every six years.